Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Claire's Baptism Bash!

On Sunday, September 25, 2016, Claire Elise was baptized in water by Alston Causey, UpStreet Pastor, at Gwinnett Church in Sugar Hill, Georgia!  Oh happy day!!
Dropping off our girl before service
Sitting on the front row with Mrs. Jessa, waiting for service to start
Claire Norton from GC UpStreet on Vimeo.
Climbing into the baptismal pool with Mr. Alston
After the dunking
At the end of service, all 12 kids were brought back on stage for another celebration.  There were a total of 24 elementary-aged kids baptized at our church that day!!
We celebrated this special event all weekend!  PopPop and MiMi came in on Friday night.  Grandpa and Grandma Martin came in on Saturday morning.  Tim and Amy Foster came in on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday, we had a huge celebration after church that also included  the Wildermuths (Uncle Dan, Aunt Carol, Alexis and Jared), the Martinezes (Jake, Anita, Gillian, Maury and Glory), Claire's second grade teacher at Level Creek Elementary School - Mrs. Wall and the Hayeses (Abe, Kelly, Jackson and Hayley).  Claire's first grade teacher at Level Creek Elementary School - Mrs. Vogel - was also at church to witness Claire's baptism, but she was unable to join us for lunch.

For lunch we had fiesta dinner.
For dessert we had a cake...
And three cookie cakes that were part of the "party in a box" sent home with us from the UpStreet Team.  The boxes also included confetti.

Claire received many special gifts to help her remember this day:
From Mommy, Daddy and Cale - a Willow Tree angel - "Courage"
From PopPop and MiMi - a silver bling Rustic Cuff bracelet
From Grandpa and Grandma Martin - flowers and a Willow Tree figurine - "Soar"
From the Wildermuths - a James Avery cross necklace
From the Fosters - a "Verse of the Week" chalkboard, made by Amy
From the Martinezes - tulips
From Mrs. Wall - a silver necklace with a heart and a "C"
From the Hayeses - a cross ring
From Mrs. Buff and Mrs. Callis (Claire's kindergarten teachers from Holly Springs Elementary in Douglasville, Georgia) - a silver and pink cross bookmark
From Grandpa and Grandma Gerdlund - a cross nightlight with Claire's name on it
From Grandpa and Grandma Wines - $20
From Aunt Lori Thompson - a crystal heart necklace
From the UpStreet Team at Gwinnett Church - "Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids" and a bag of Dum Dums lollipops

This was one of the most special and most exciting days ever!  I could not be more proud of my sweet girl!

"A wise daughter makes her parents rejoice" Proverbs 27:11

Friday, April 10, 2015

"No Buttrs A Lowd"

Claire and Cale are best friends.  However, occasionally, they need their own space, as most siblings do.  We noticed a piece of paper on the floor outside of Claire's closed bedroom door.

We stopped for closer examination.

"No buttrs (brothers).  No Cale a lowd (allowed)."  Be sure to notice that Cale is a heart with a frowny face.

We flipped it over.

"Yes Cale can come in my roome (room).  I love you Cale."  Cale is now a smiley face with arms and legs.

What a girl!!  We have no clue where she got the idea to do this.  But it's funny!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Baby Girl

Tonight we watched this video with our kids as we put our four-year-old daughter to bed for the last time.  Tomorrow morning we will have a five-year-old!!

MOA (Mall of America) Tee

Claire loves Build-A-Bear!  Since we will soon be moving away, we wanted Claire to have a memento of living in Minneapolis.  So today, she received a MOA tee from BABW.photo 3 (65)

photo 4 (60)

photo 5 (58)

photo 2 (73)

photo 4 (61)

Nancy Clancy

Claire loves the Nancy Clancy books – chapter books that continue with Fancy Nancy stories.  In these books, Nancy is a little older and solves mysteries.  They are so much fun to read!  Yesterday, Claire received a copy of the third book in the series.photo 3 (63)

photo 5 (56)

photo 1 (68)

photo 2 (72)

Mailbox Money!

Claire LOVES getting mail!  On Monday, Claire got a gift in the mail from Granny and Grandpa!photo 2 (69)

photo 3 (62)

photo 5 (57)

photo 3 (64)

photo 5 (55)

Thank you, Granny and Grandpa!!  Claire can’t wait to go shopping!!  We love you!!photo 2 (70)

A Ballerina for my Ballerina

On Monday, Claire got a Decorate-Your-Own Magnetic Dress-Up Doll.photo 3 (58)

photo 1 (62)

Claire and her grandma colored and glued and decorated her and her outfits.photo 5 (52)

photo 1 (63)

photo 4 (55)